SANITY 300General Santa has declassified the following information on the Sane Americans Negating the Insanity of Theocratic Yahoos – SANITY  from the secret files of NOEL

You are encouraged to actively distribute this information.

Demographic of SANITY

SANITY is a broad coalition of Americans from all walks of life, fighting  for equality. Membership includes men and women of all colors, races, creeds, sexual orientation and the religious and non-religious alike.

SANITY Leadership

NOEL has identified the following people as leaders of SANITY. Due to their large demographic composition,  it is impossible to identify all leaders of this movement, this list is not to be considered as exhaustive.

President Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders

Jon Stewart

Stephen Colbert


The SANITY Agenda

SANITY believes that Equal Rights are  Human rights. They recognize poverty, war, hunger and homelessness as the greatest threats facing humanity today.  Although they outnumber CRAZY in America, they have been less vocal and organized due to the ‘big tent’ nature of their organization, until recently. They have finally realized that silence is no longer an option.

The SANITY Platform 

Based on  intelligence reports, we have identified the following elements of SANITY’s belief system.



  • Women

  • Children

  • The Poor

  • Equal Rights

  • Civil Rights

  • Marriage Equality

  • Freedom of Religion

  • Freedom from Religion

  • Education

  • People

  • The Spirit of Christmas: Kindness, Love and Charity towards man.


  • Income Inequality

  • Poverty

  • Voter Suppression

  • Theocracy

  • Hypocrisy

  • Unjust Wars

  • Torture


This list is not to be considered exhaustive. There are plenty of websites dedicated to these issues, so we have chosen not to provide footnotes or links. The validity of the information provided can be easily verified by visiting  this website .