NOEL 300

The North Pole Organized Elf Legion – NOEL was founded in July of 1983 in response to United States President Ronald Reagan’s announcement of his proposal for the Strategic Defense Initiative, commonly known as “Star Wars” in March of that year.

Santa Claus, in his primary role as Head Elf of the North Pole deemed it prudent that the North Pole stand ready to defend itself  in the event of a global nuclear war. On July 13, 1983 Santa reluctantly signed North Pole General Protection Order #1. This document formally established the Northern Organized Elf Legion.

Due to a classified incident at the home of Richard B. Cheney on Christmas Eve 1991, it became clear to NOEL Command that it must immediately develop and implement a comprehensive plan to protect Santa Claus as he makes his annual deliveries.

NOEL Command decided that Santa was in need of a highly trained and dedicated squad of personal bodyguards. On September 13, 1992, Santa Claus signed the North Pole General order #25 forming the 1225th Elfantry.

The 1225th Elfantry are an elite squad composed of the best of the best of Santa’s Elves. Modeled on the U.S. Secret Service, they are tasked with protecting Santa Claus, at all costs. Since being placed under the direct command of beloved Colonel Rudolph, they are affectionately known as the ‘Fightin’ Reindeer”.

With the exception of our well-documented annual manufacturing procedures and preparation for December 25th,  We are not at liberty to disclose the size, scope or specifics of our operations – clandestine or otherwise.  Any information that Santa Claus deems appropriate will be forthcoming, at his discretion.

Suffice it to say that NOEL plays a very large role in assuring that Santa Claus knows whether you’ve been bad or good. So you’d better be good, for goodness sake.

We are the Few. The Proud. The Short. We are The North Pole Organized Elf Legion.

For more information, or to enlist, please visit this page.