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Top 10 Worst Christmas Gifts Ever Received

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Top 10 Worst Christmas Gifts Ever Received

Greetings Boys and Girls!

Every year, millions of boys and girls around the world receive truly awful presents. I receive stacks of complaint letters every year from boys and girls who believe these “gifts” came from my Workshop. I assure you, they do not!

I sorted through last years letters to bring you Santa’s Top 10 Worst Christmas Gifts Ever  Received.

In my role as Father Christmas, this l...

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Elfwood Snowflake Breaches NPSA Security

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Elfwood SnowFlake

NORTH POLE (TDJ) — We have just received word from a high-ranking unnamed source at the North Pole Security Agency.

Shortly after 9 am this morning, a massive breach of North Pole Security was discovered. The perpetrator has been identified as Elfwood Snowflake. Snowflake was employed by  Booze And Humbug, a private firm under contract with the NPSA .

There seems to be a complete shutdown of com...

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One Million Moms Attacks K-Mart In War On Christmas

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One Million Moms, the right wing anti-gay hate group and self-styled ‘moral virtues’ police, have declared War on K-Mart in response to their new “Show Your Joe” Holiday ad:

“The title of the current ad is ‘Show Your Joe,’ and Kmart includes sexual content during a Christmas hand bell choir performance,” One Million Moms warns...

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Santa Claus Suspends Checking Of Lists

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In an Elfidential Address from the Ornamental Office, Santa Claus made the shocking pronouncement that he is indefinitely suspending the Checking of Lists.  This unexpected move has sent shock waves all through the North Pole.

Press Secretary Frosty T. Snowman, speaking on behalf of The Workshop, sought to reassure the Elves of  the North Pole early Tuesday morning:

“Santa understands the fear and frustration that this decision has caused, and he did not make it lightly. He als...

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Santa Claus November 18 Elfidential Address To The North Pole

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Claus Wars Logo Final Main No Stars 195

Good evening, my fellow Elves.

I am proud of the success that we have achieved in converting the North Pole to renewable sources of Green and Red energy. Thanks to your efforts, we are no longer dependent on foreign sources of snow and ice. However, we are still dependent on hostile nations to maintain our ever-increasing need for coal.

That ends today.

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