Top 10 Best Saturday Night Live Christmas Sketches Ever

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Greetings Boys and Girls!

Saturday Night Live has been providing us with comedic laughs every Saturday night for 38 years. I have chosen to provide you with Santa’s personal Top 10 List of the Best Saturday Night Live Christmas Sketches Ever made.

In my role as Father Christmas, this list may be construed as definitive. I’ve sorted through all the SNL coal to find the real Christmas Sketch diamonds. I hope you enjoy my selections!

Santa would like to personally like to thank Lorne Michaels and all the various cast members of Saturday Night Live throughout the years. Every week, you remind us that laughter is still the best medicine.

Top 10 List of the Best Saturday Night Live Christmas Sketches Ever

10. Three Wise Guys (Soon to be a Classic)

9. Christmastime For The Jews

8.  Homelessville

7. You’re a Rat Bastard, Charlie Brown.

6.  Kissing Family

5. John Malkovich Reads “Twas The Night Before Christmas”

4. Dysfunctional Family Christmas

3. Steve Martin’s A Holiday Wish

2. Schweddy Balls

And Santa’s award for the very  funniest Saturday Night Live Christmas Sketch goes to…..

Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg performing….

1. Dick In A Box

I hope that you enjoy Santa’s choices of the  Top 10 Best Saturday Night Live Christmas Sketches ever made!

I hope that this Christmas you remember to keep Love in your hearts and spread Kindness and Charity throughout your world.

I’d like to know what your favorite Saturday Night Live Christmas Sketches are too, so please let me know in the comments below!

Everybody who leaves Santa a comment, moves a little further up on the Nice List!

Ho! Ho! Ho! and Happy Holidays,

Santa Claus Signature

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