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Santa Claus Is Color Blind

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There seems to be a new nontroversy brewing about the color of my skin. I must respectfully disagree with an article written by Aisha Harris of Slate Magazine. I am not now, nor will I ever be a Penguin.

I am a kindly, portly, elderly human being, usually male (but open-minded to change), who is very real, yet still quite imaginary.

It also goes without saying, that I also disagree with Megyn Ke...

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Mr Grinch – The Horror Of Whoville

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Grinch Max

It’s a well known fact around the North Pole that I do not enjoy adding names to my Naughty List. I never have, and I never will. I’ve become ever more forgiving and lenient because, frankly, I believe that most children are inherently Nice. It is far easier to just label a child “Naughty”, than it is to address the issues behind their bad behavior. But not you.

The Horror Of Whoville

In my many c...

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Santa’s Song Of The Season: The Mockers There’s No War On Christmas

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NORTH POLE (TDJ)  Every year, Santa conducts a search to find a “Song Of The Season”. In order to qualify, a chosen song must capture the True Spirit of Christmas. Once chosen, the winning song will be used as the Official Theme Song of the North Pole for the Christmas Season.

Santa Claus...

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Please Give The Gifts Of Love And Charity This Year

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Welcome to the Claus Wars!

I am glad that you are here! I hope we’ll have a lot of fun together poking fun at the ‘War on Christmas’.  More importantly, I hope that if you find my writing and website entertaining, that you will consider donating to a worthy charity of your choice this year.

Those of us who r...

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