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Elfwood Snowflake Debacle Exposes Real Santa Claus

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Grinch Ponder

I see Santa has taken notice of my Claus is the Cause editorial and added me to his “Naughty List.” While I will address this very soon, I think a more pressing matter should be discussed first. Read further, friends, for the real story on the unfolding NPSA scandal, and look forward to my direct response to Santa regarding Claus is the Cause. 

Here it is, folks...

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Mr Grinch – The Horror Of Whoville

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Grinch Max

It’s a well known fact around the North Pole that I do not enjoy adding names to my Naughty List. I never have, and I never will. I’ve become ever more forgiving and lenient because, frankly, I believe that most children are inherently Nice. It is far easier to just label a child “Naughty”, than it is to address the issues behind their bad behavior. But not you.

The Horror Of Whoville

In my many c...

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Grinch Factor Declares “Claus Is The Cause”

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Grinch Ponder

Well, folks, this is it. The end of Christmas as we know it has finally come.

Many are blaming the anti-Christmas domestic terrorist group SANITY (that’s right, I said it, terrorists!), and the softening of our North Pole morals by passing laws like GREAT, the Gay Reindeer and Elf Alliance Treaty. Once enacted last year, it allowed gay and lesbian reindeer and elves to join NOEL  — for waging...

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