Top 10 Worst Christmas Gifts Ever Received

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Top 10 Worst Christmas Gifts Ever Received

Greetings Boys and Girls!

Every year, millions of boys and girls around the world receive truly awful presents. I receive stacks of complaint letters every year from boys and girls who believe these “gifts” came from my Workshop. I assure you, they do not!

I sorted through last years letters to bring you Santa’s Top 10 Worst Christmas Gifts Ever  Received.

In my role as Father Christmas, this list may be construed as definitive. Here they are:

Top 10 Worst Christmas Gifts Ever Received


10. Slipper Socks – Medium (Extra credit if you get the reference!)

Slipper Socks


9. Any of the “As Seen On TV” Products

As Seen On TV


8. Socks









7. Underwear










6.  Popcorn Tins

Popcorn Tins








5. Ugly Ties

Ugly Ties









4. Fruitcake

Christmas Fruitcake








3. Small Household Appliances

Small Appliance









2. Obviously Re-Gifted Items

Regifted Item


1.  Christmas Sweaters

Christmas Sweaters










I hope that you enjoy Santa’s choices for the  Top 10 Worst Christmas Gifts Ever Received!

I hope that this Christmas you remember to keep Love in your hearts and spread Kindness and Charity throughout your world.

I’d like to know what the worst Christmas gifts that you’ve ever received too, so please let me know in the comments below!

Everybody who leaves Santa a comment, moves a little further up on the Nice List!

Ho! Ho! Ho! and Merry Christmas,

Santa Claus Signature

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