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Top 10 Best Saturday Night Live Christmas Sketches Ever

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Santa Watch Videos

Greetings Boys and Girls!

Saturday Night Live has been providing us with comedic laughs every Saturday night for 38 years. I have chosen to provide you with Santa’s personal Top 10 List of the Best Saturday Night Live Christmas Sketches Ever made.

In my role as Father Christmas, this list may be construed as definitive...

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Bill O’Reilly Relates Christmas To Cultural Struggle

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In an escalation of Holiday rhetoric, Bill O’Reilly responds to Jon Stewart’s latest assertion that the War On Christmas doesn’t exist.

“I hope Jon Stewa...

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Santa’s Song Of The Season: The Mockers There’s No War On Christmas

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NORTH POLE (TDJ)  Every year, Santa conducts a search to find a “Song Of The Season”. In order to qualify, a chosen song must capture the True Spirit of Christmas. Once chosen, the winning song will be used as the Official Theme Song of the North Pole for the Christmas Season.

Santa Claus...

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Defense Secretary Frost Releases Rudolph Update

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North Pole Dept of Defense Seal

Good Evening.

We are pleased to report that Colonel Rudolph is recovering following an emergency transfusion of Christmas Magic at Tim Cratchit Memorial Hospital.  Once he has been fully debriefed, we will allow to share any non-classified details with you at the earliest opportunity.

We can now confirm that the incident that occurred on Tuesday, November 26, 2013 involving Colonel Rudolph was no...

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CRAZY General Bill O’Reilly Annual Statement On The War On Christmas

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image Credit: David Schoetz

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