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Top 10 Best Saturday Night Live Christmas Sketches Ever

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Santa Watch Videos

Greetings Boys and Girls!

Saturday Night Live has been providing us with comedic laughs every Saturday night for 38 years. I have chosen to provide you with Santa’s personal Top 10 List of the Best Saturday Night Live Christmas Sketches Ever made.

In my role as Father Christmas, this list may be construed as definitive...

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A John Waters Christmas

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A John Waters Christmas

You might expect a satirical take-down of the Yuletide season from the man once dubbed the “pope of trash” by no less an expert on such matters than William S. Burroughs. But John Waters is not Scrooge. In fact, he’s resolutely pro-Christmas, albeit in devotion to a somewhat slanted view of the holiday.

In his one-man show, “A John Waters Christmas,” which is at Berklee Performance Center Su...

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Top 10 Best Christmas Movies Ever Made – Santa’s List

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Top 10 Saturday Night Live Christmas Sketches

Claus Wars Logo Final Main No Stars 195Greetings Boys and Girls, There are many wonderful Christmas movies on Santa’s annual Holiday must-see list. I would not be being honest with you if I didn’t tell you that I am the star of most of them. Vanity is one of Santa’s flaws, I’m afraid. Unfortunately, Hollywood produces more garbage than gems these days, so you have to sort through a lot of coal to find the real Christmas Movie diamonds...

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