Elfwood Snowflake Breaches NPSA Security

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Elfwood SnowFlake

NORTH POLE (TDJ) — We have just received word from a high-ranking unnamed source at the North Pole Security Agency.

Shortly after 9 am this morning, a massive breach of North Pole Security was discovered. The perpetrator has been identified as Elfwood Snowflake. Snowflake was employed by  Booze And Humbug, a private firm under contract with the NPSA .

There seems to be a complete shutdown of communication with the entire Claus Administration.  Our calls to the Workshop, NPSA, NPDOJ and the HBI have all gone unanswered.

The Daily Jingle is working to confirm additional details at this time. Please check back with us often, as details rapidly develop in the worst scandal of this magnitude in North Pole History.

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