Star Wars Holiday Special Launched The War On Christmas

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The official start date and cause of the War On Christmas has been hotly debated for many years. Some believe it was ¬†manufactured by Emperor Murdoch and his Faux News Empire, led by CRAZY Darth O’Reilly. Darth O’Reilly believes it was the Pro-Choice and the LGBT Rights movement.

Thanks to the efforts of an intrepid NOEL Intelligence Officer, we have officially identified the airing of the Star Wars Holiday Special on November 17, 1978 as the exact date that the War On Christmas began. This brave young Elf was even able to recover rare footage of this historic event.

Please be advised, this footage is not for the weak of heart.


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Hermey the Elf, DMD earned his degree in Dental Medicine in 1967 from the North Pole School of Dental Medicine. As the War on Christmas dragged on, he discovered a new passion for Investigative Reporting. In 1987, he founded The Daily Jingle.He still serves as Santa's Chef Executive Dentist.

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