Please Give The Gifts Of Love And Charity This Year

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Welcome to the Claus Wars!

I am glad that you are here! I hope we’ll have a lot of fun together poking fun at the ‘War on Christmas’.  More importantly, I hope that if you find my writing and website entertaining, that you will consider donating to a worthy charity of your choice this year.

Those of us who realize that the ‘War on Christmas’ was manufactured by Rupert Murdoch and his Fox News Empire, also know that there is an actual ‘war’ going on all around us. It’s called poverty, and humanity is losing. Badly.

The increasing number of people suffering under the crippling weight of unemployment, underemployment, poverty, hunger and homelessness won’t have either a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays this year.

The plight of the innocent four-legged members of these families is also often overlooked. Far too many people are forced to surrender their beloved pets to an overcrowded animal shelter system, resulting in the unnecessary euthanization of countless innocent animals.

I’ve included some of my favorite charities in the sidebar for your convenience,  but they are only suggestions. Please visit the American Philanthropy Institute or GiveWell to find worthy charities for causes that you support.

If, like many people in this terrible economy, you are unable to give financially, there are many other ways to help those in need. You can offer to shovel the sidewalks of elderly neighbors, or just say hello and make sure they are ok. You can offer your volunteer services at a local homeless shelter or an Animal shelter.

There are so many rewarding ways to give, regardless of your ability. Please just find a way to show kindness, love and charity to those in need this year.




Santa Claus

Head Elf of the North Pole at Santa Claus, Inc
Santa Claus brings joy and toys to millions of children around the world every Christmas.Santa also serves as President of the Council of Immortal Beings.

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